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Flappers & Gentlemen Episode 1

So rather than me just doing Vlogs where I'm  sitting down boring you with my moaning. We thought that we should mix it up a bit. So we've started our attempt to collect footage from the week, put it all together, slap a bit of Jazz in the backround, bish bash bosh, and there we have our first episode.

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Olaplex hair treatment

Me and the team are extremely excited to finally have Olaplex in the Salon. 

For those of you who don't know what Olaplex is, it's a New treatment that's taken the Hairdressing industry by storm. It's allowing us technicians to push boundaries with Colour. For those of you who want that real Ice platinum blonde tone or even that more silvery grey tone, Olaplex allows us to achieve these colours much quicker than ever before. 

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