School Leavers - Apprenticeships


School leavers - Do you fancy learning the great art of Hairdressing in the Worst Salon in Sunny Leicester?

We're sooo s!@# , call us Hairdressers, more like gardeners....infact I wouldn't even risk my grass with a pair of scissors!

We're a bunch of mardy, miserable, non energetic, uninspiring,  talentless hoofs. We don't believe in passion, the only passion we have is hanging out at the bingo on a Saturday night with a pint of Stella n Chips!

Oh and the decor needs a bit of old fashioned, looks like its in a time warp. One day we'll bring it up to date!

So it's up to you...can you imagine working in such a dull place with mentally challenged staff?

Oh and there's also a ratty smelly mongrel dog that's always their. I swear she has fleas!!

So school leavers, INTERESTED??


Flappers & Gentlemen x