Straight is BACK!!!

Straightener's are BACK

 So for a long long -  lllonggg while now most of our female population has been sporting the very long big bouncy wavey curly wurly blowdry. Before that everyone pretty much had hair that was married to the straighteners.  All hairdressers back then, started the process of trying to convince our clients to introduce the big round brush, curling tools and even rollers. Well now we're doing the same again, but the opposite. Get those straighteners out again, but this time use them for what they were built for, use them to get sleek, straight, shiny sharp hair.

We're also not saying that we don't like those big bouncy Chelsea blowdry's..far from it. But It's our job to inspire new directions. And the must have new direction is that straight sleek sharp look, that shows off that beautiful sharp cut line, that is if you've had a decent cut. 

The cuts that go with this are those minimalistic simple but bold shapes. Long bobs, with minimum layers ( no deep tacky graduation ) . Hair that sits just below the shoulders, again with minimum layers. Maybe a fringe/bang to change or enhance the dynamics of the shape. 

All these looks expose your hairdressers skills, as they reveal whether they can actually cut hair with precise precision, and unquestionable balance. This very question brings a smile to my face as far too many hairdressers have been hiding behind the infamous wand and up-do's to show of there skills.

Now ladies and gents it's time to see if your classically trained or not!!