Gents Hair 2015/2016

Gents Hair

Okay okay okay.....

Gentlemen, gents, guys, cavemen, whatever...  CHANGE is needed!!!

As you're walking the streets today, tonight or tomorrow, take a look around. Have a look at the guy next to you. Yup he has exactly the same hair do as you. Not only the hair, he may have that cartoon beard, that footballers tattoo sleeve, tight tank top, skinny jeans...loafers!!!! 

You have become a clone I'm afraid. 

So....first of all,,tame that bloody beard! That's a start right there! Now we can start to look at the hair. That classic skin fade that's become so popular with you and the barbers, in fact it's risen the barbers from the dark ages, I'm sorry to say, as always with fast trends, it's those trends that very quickly became dated! 

Guys we need to start thinking a little differently. Where your used to having seriously clean skin exposing sides, u now need to start having a lot softer. Try and leave the clippers alone, and ask your hairdresser to just use scissors. This instantly creates a softer look. Also if your're sporting that gentleman slick side parting, instead of shaving the sides, brush or comb them back with a bit of pomade or wax...looks a million times better. 

And too make things clear...this look originally was a great look...but like with most trends, when something gets so popular they tend to go out of fashion much quicker too. 

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