Olaplex hair treatment

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Hello ladies and gents. 

Me and the team are extremely excited to finally have Olaplex in the Salon. 

For those of you who don't know what Olaplex is, it's a New treatment that's taken the Hairdressing industry by storm. It's allowing us technicians to push boundaries with Colour. For those of you who want that real Ice platinum blonde tone or even that more silvery grey tone, Olaplex allows us to achieve these colours much quicker than ever before. 

Normally without using Olaplex, we have to delay certain results because our number one priority is the condition of the hair. Well now Olaplex fixes the bonds that have been broken, and allows us to lift a few more shades lighter. 


But we're also not going to be careless with this product. If you are dark and your hair is quite porous...you're not going to achieve a platinum blonde result in one visit. This is being far too aggressive and irresponsible. 

But.....it CAN BE DONE...... More like 2 visits , which is still amazingly QUICK!!!! 

So check out my video on YouTube there's a link there for Olaplex to give you more of an insight to this amazing new Treatment that's took us all by storm!!!