Intro to Flappers & Gentlemen

An Introduction to Flappers & Gentlemen

Okay Okay....So here's Flappers & Gentlemen's first ever Blog....aaaand my first ever Blog!!!

So bare with me Ladies and Gents, or shall I say, Flappers & Gentlemen!! 

So to make life a bit easier for me, I've made a video for you to  explain a little about my Company Flappers & Gentlemen and our brand new Website. This new Website was a big urgency for us and me as our last one was pretty WACK! So thanks to our little Web Magician...we have a new one. It's a lot more interesting for u...So rather than me repeating what I say in the video...I'm gonna stop rambling on.

Too-da-loo for now,

Blake :)