Flappers & Gentlemen Episode Two

Episode Two A collection of clips from the previous week at Flappers & Gentlemen

Hello, so this is our second episode. If you don't already know what Episodes is, it's all the staff at Flappers & Gentlemen collecting footage from the previous week, putting it all together in an extremely messy format..and hey presto, out pops Flappers & Gentlemen Episodes!!

So whats been happening since I was last here.... We've had the lovely Miss Holly Van Geffin working with us one day of the week. Some of you may know Holly's story, however some of you may not know. If you don't, well lets just say its been an amazing emotional rollercoaster. And that believe me is an understatement. For more of Holly's story click on the link to see her in action.


We had our second Pop Up Shop at Urban Outfitters, which is always fun, met a really super cute family. Where Meg and Holly braided the little girls hair. They were sooo funny. In fact one of them already had quite a prominent plait in her hair, so I was like.." ayy you already have a plait, and she so quickly replied, I WANT TWO!!!" So demanding, but sooo funny and cute at the same time.

And to top it off we have another new Stylist starting with us, called Jess. Super talented and mega enthusiastic!!! We know that she will fit in like a gem !!

So underneath the thick skin, inside I'm truly happy and humble :)