You can Balay-large-off!!

We all love a bit of Balayage don't we. In fact I can imagine 80% of the clients asking for Balayage don't actually know what it is. Let's just say it's a movement that's moving around a lot at the moment within the industry. But it's been around for a very very very long time indeed! 

Balayage done well looks extremely good, and wonderfully for the hairdresser speeds up the process and makes them become a bit more free with expression.  


I've seen a certain image on the internet which has been plagueing my pee headed brain. It's an image which shows a client almost lying down with there hair spread out on a board with colour plastered all over it. Now it looks quite impressive, and I will say the results also looks very impressive. So you must be thinking, what's the issue?

Well what I want you to do is remove yourself from the over excited hairdresser pee brain to the clients. Now you've got to keep your head pretty static and still for them to apply the colour, which I can imagine takes up to 30-45 mins. Then that colour needs to F-ing develop doesn't it. So could take up to another 45 mins. You cannot move for shit. You can't even slightly move to the left or right, you can't read a magazine, you can't even get to your phone because you forgot to get it out of your bag before they started - DOH!!! Aaand now .... oh poops I need a wee! Do I pee myself, or does the board come with me!! And just if I didn't need to do any of these things, there's one thing for sure, you look like a right tit in front of everyone else in the salon!  

Listen I'm sure if we were allowed to put clients to sleep for five hours we could get some amazing results with no stress...but that ain't gonna happen. So hairdresser's let's just think of the bigger picture. Imagine your the bloody client, and ask yourself if this is practical and realistic in a busy environment!