Do I really look good?

Okay so this year has been the year where we've seen the rise and fall of the Scary Top Knot. 

But what this did give us men, was the opportunity to grow our hair. We were given the Green light for long hair!!

There's a few guys out there with long hair that us guys have thought..... "can I have long hair like that...could I achieve that length"? 

But the question should be, "would I look cool, or like a Tit"? 

Yes this is the question we should be asking, as we get so obsessed with the length we're achieving, we lose sight of what we actually look like. And I'm sorry guys, but realistically there's only a few of us who can truly pull it off. Most of the time you look like a twallop!  

How do I know this?  

I've been through it. And thank God I seen the light and shaved it off. But how I know for certain that I looked so wrong on so many levels is that I have wonderful staff around me that send me photos to remind me of what I looked like with that mane on my head!  

So yes you can achieve length. But WHAT DO YOU REALLY LOOK LIKE!!!!