Flappers & Gentlemen Episode 1

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So rather than me just doing Vlogs where I'm  sitting down boring you with my moaning. We thought that we should mix it up a bit. So we've started our attempt to collect footage from the week, put it all together, slap a bit of Jazz in the backround, bish bash bosh, and there we have our first episode. 

All week I've been asking the guys to film each...I mean there doing it all the time with Snapchat...so how hard can it be.

The answer to that....REALLY HARD. 

I'm sure Meg is mega bored of me saying, " get footage, get FOOTAGE "!

I mean moments are happening all the time, but as soon as one has happened you can't exactly replay the moment so you can hit the record button. But I suppose the more we do the better we'll get at it, so just bare with us.

In each episode we will try and get some footage of us actually doing hair. This should always be at the end of the video.

Enjoy :)